Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dad's Map

This is a gift I made for my dad's birthday a while back. 

I purchased a sheet of wrapping paper from Paper Source that I thought he would like. After that, I just painted a simple phrase with the date included. 

I framed it in a frame I picked up from Michael's. All in all, a simple and meaningful gift!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jessie's Wedding Chalkboards

I recently finished some chalkboards for a wedding in Dallas!

These are always so much fun to work on.

There are so many different layouts I could have chosen for all of these!

I thought this little popcorn phrase was so cute that they used for their popcorn bar.

It was fun drawing the little kernels of popcorn popping. :)

I thought the verse they used on this sign was so sweet. It's also the verse before I the one I used in this project. 

I love the way this one turned out. 

Here are a couple little social media chalkboards.

They are so little and perfect!

These mirrored seating charts were a first for me. They were so much fun to work on! I used the same paint pen that was used in creating the chalk boards.

I left the cardboard corners on for safe travel.

If you have any events coming up that you'd like me to create chalkboard signs for,  please let me know!

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