Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Harris Place Cards

These are place card I completed a while back for a rehearsal dinner. 

I just folded that very top one for the picture so you could see how they would sit. I figured they would be easier to transport unfolded!

The family wanted the name on the front and the table number on the back. 

The pictures don't do justice to how beautiful the paper is. It is a star dream paper, so it has a metallic and shimmery look. So pretty!

I'm fairly certain that this was the color "Iris Blue" and were 2.5" x 3.5" when folded. Again, the pictures don't show the true color and sheen of this paper. I wish you could see them in person! You can purchase these place cards here. They come flat like this and you just fold them on a pre scored line. So easy!

I love the contrast of the white ink on the dark blue cards. So classy!

I hope they enjoyed these place cards and I hope everyone easily found their seats! :)

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