Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Company Logo

I thought it was time for a new and fresh logo!  I decided to change my company from "Sparrow Calligraphy" to "Sparrow Hand Lettering." When I first started, I thought I would just be addressing envelopes and other paper products. Over the past couple of years I've noticed I've completed more chalkboards and design projects than paper projects done with a calligraphy pen. I enjoy both, so this new name encompasses calligraphy and design.

Here's a screenshot of my old logo.

Here's my initial sketch. When designing a logo, I always start with sketching. The above sketch was my favorite out of about 10 variations. I don't worry about the sketch being perfect because I know I will have the ability to edit the design once I bring it into the computer. You'll notice my "L" in "lettering" hit the first "R" in "sparrow." I knew that was something I would want to revise in the computer. 

Here is the final logo! I traced my design in Illustrator. If the process of designing a logo is something y'all are interested in, I could do a tutorial. It's not too hard, just takes some time! :)

I hope you all enjoy my new logo as much as I do! 


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  3. Sparrow Hand Lettering logo is undoubtedly looks nice than the previous one. Good to see the change.

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