Custom Chalk Art Pricing

Thank you for considering my work to be a part of your wedding, home, or as a gift to others! I'm thrilled to hear the ideas you have in store. :) Please let me know if the information I have below doesn't answer any questions you may have. You can contact me here.

Small 8"x10" Chalkboard - $40 ea.

Medium 11" x 14" Chalkboard - $55 ea.

Medium 16" x 20" Chalkboard - $75 ea.

Large 18" x 24" Chalkboard - $100 ea.

Extra Large 24"+ Chalkboard - $125+ ea.

The pricing above is for the artwork I provide. I use real chalk to sketch out the design and chalk pens for the final look. 

If you have the chalkboards ready for me to write on, I will meet you to pick them up here in Dallas. I usually meet my clients at a Starbucks or somewhere easy to find. If you don't live in Dallas, you can ship me your chalkboards and I will ship them back once they are complete. 

Once I obtain what I will be writing on and have the exact text you would like on each piece, I will need 2 weeks to complete your order. I can rush your project for an additional fee if you are squeezed for time. :)

If you are in need of chalkboards, there are some available here on Amazon. There are also some really cute rustic chalkboards available in the MXO Woodworking Etsy shop, here. You could also buy a frame, take the glass out, and paint the front of the backing cardboard with chalkboard paint. Here are some frames available at Michaels. This method was used on this mission statement project and on these framed wedding chalkboards. You could also paint an old cabinet door, a piece of wood, a canvas, or anything fairly smooth that you could paint with chalkboard paint. You can pick up chalkboard paint at most craft stores or Home Depot.

If you'd prefer not to worry with making/buying your own chalkboards, I can buy a black canvas for you. Click here to see the sizes that Michael's has in stock. Black canvases were used in these projects: Work Heartily, Mama Said, and Blake and Alexis. I will add the cost of the canvas to your final invoice. If there's another size canvas you'd like, I can paint a white one with chalkboard paint for you. Click here to see white canvases in other sizes. This method was used on my Oceans Chalk Design project. I will add the cost of the canvas and a $20 painting fee to your final invoice if you choose to go in this direction. 

Please let me know if you need a quote on a different sized chalkboard than what I have listed above. Also let me know if you had an idea in mind for a different kind of project, not on a chalkboard (click here to see an example). You can contact me here!

Calligraphy Pricing

Outer Envelope - $3.00

Envelope Set (Outer and Inner) - $4.00

Return Address - $2.00

Ink Color (Other than Black) - $0.50

Opaque or Lined Paper - $0.50

Address Centering - $0.50

Flourishes - $0.50

Place Cards - $2.00

Table Number - $5.00

Once I obtain your paper products and have all of your addresses and text, I will need 2 weeks to complete your order. 

Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer! You can contact me here.

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